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bbaovanc’s Website

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This is my personal website. I wrote it myself from scratch using my own theme and a static site generator named Hugo. I occasionally write blog posts under the blog section.

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You can contact me by emailing (PGP key if encryption is needed), or on Mastodon at (but I have some plans to replace Mastodon… stay tuned).

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I write mostly about technology, including:

  • Linux
  • Open Source Software
  • Programming
  • Web Development

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Using GitHub Actions to audit my website with Google Chrome Lighthouse

Picture of the `Performance` section on the Lighthouse CI dashboard
Picture of the Performance section on the Lighthouse CI dashboard

The other day I set up automatic testing of my website using Google Chrome Lighthouse. I’m also running my own Lighthouse CI server to store test result history and show trends. Here’s an outline of what this means, some of the results I’ve obtained so far, and my thoughts on the usefulness of Lighthouse.

Newsletter for my blog posts

My custom newsletter template based on my website's custom theme.
My custom newsletter template based on my website’s custom theme.

I created a newsletter for blog posts on my website so you can sign up for email notifications when I post new ones, so I have more than just an RSS feed.