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List of tags on my website. These are specific things or ideas that I talk about in a post.


Posts about bobatheme, my custom Hugo theme which I use on this website.


Caddy is a powerful and open source webserver written in Golang which includes some fancy features such as built-in automatic HTTPS. It’s by far my favorite webserver. See my blog post about Caddy for why.


An extremely popular chat platform. You have to live under a rock to not know what Discord is.

Discord Tricks

Tips and tricks I have learned about Discord.

Github Actions

Any posts that talk about GitHub’s CI/CD platform. This is what I use for automatic tasks on my website, such as automatic audits, and automatic building and deploying.

GitHub Copilot

An extension made by GitHub which provides artificial intelligence powered autocomplete, trained on real open source code. It is intended to give smarter results than a typical autocomplete solution can, such as automatically generating boilerplate code.

Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a tool that can audit websites based on performance, accessibility, SEO, and more. It also provides useful suggestions on how a website can be improved.


Hugo is a static site generator which I use to generate this website.


A self-hosted newsletter manager which I use to handle my blog post newsletter. Read this blog post for more information.


Markdown is a simple and easy to use markup language which is actually used to write the content on this website. Writing it only requires learning a very basis syntax, and using a plain-text editor.


Blog posts related to my newsletter.

Query Parameters

Query parameters are a map of fields and values after the question mark in a URL.


Short for “stream editor”, sed is a utility used to edit text on Unix systems. It is usually used with regular expressions (regex for short). If you’re interested, look up “regex basics” and “sed basics”, or something similar.


systemd is by far the most popular service manager (known as an “init system”) used on Linux.

URL Structures

Posts about URL conventions on certain websites or services.


Blog posts about webservers (software that runs websites).


One of the most popular video and social media platforms. If you don’t know what YouTube is, I don’t know what to tell you.

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